The property comprises 80,000 m2. There are twelve buildings with 23,000 m2 storage space. The additional 7,000 m2 office space are also already let. Enough parking spaces are available for staff and visitors.


No noise protection requirements are in place for the land; work can be undertaken 24 h/day and at weekends, with no limitation. Rented areas can therefore be used such that computer-based storage and control systems optimise business processes. Whether frozen, hazardous goods or pallet storage, modern technology is always in use here – if desired.


For tenants, the minimum hall height (from 10 m), ceiling/shelf sprinkler systems, the greatest possible distance between supporting pillars, solid floor load-bearing capacity or even many service ramps and high-speed doors are often deciding factors. The Fritz Klatte district provides this multifunctionality and is adaptable to changing storage and logistics concepts.


Contemporary technology and old building structure give the location an unmistakable identity. Staff find an attractive workplace with excellent accessibility – whether by private car or public transport. A canteen takes care of physical wellbeing, so that nobody needs to leave the site during the working day.